Chrysler Extended Service Plan FAQs

How do you define your protection plans? Is it the same thing as a warranty?
My vehicle already has a warranty from the manufacturer. Why should I have an extended plan?
Isn't an extended warranty expensive?
Can I purchase a Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan even if I drive a competitor's vehicle?
What kind of coverage do Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans offer?
When can I purchase a new or pre-owned Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan?
When does my coverage begin and end?
What responsibilities do I have under the terms of my contract?
How do I get my vehicle serviced under my Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan contract?
Where should I take my vehicle for service?
Do I have to pay a deductible for repairs?
Can I upgrade coverage on my Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan?
I'm not sure I want to buy an extended warranty for my new vehicle right now. Can I get one later if I change my mind?
What if I purchase an extended warranty and then change my mind?
What happens if I sell my vehicle?
Transferring your Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan
Will my vehicle be covered if it breaks down on a long-distance trip?
How can I get a rental vehicle?
How do I submit a claim for reimbursement for a service or repair?

If your covered repair is performed at any authorized Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Fiat dealership, the dealership will bill Chrysler Service Contracts directly, and you will only need to pay your deductible (if applicable).


At times, however, you may require a covered service or repair from a facility other than an authorized Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, or Jeep dealer. In these situations, your request should be authorized by Chrysler prior to the service being performed to ensure that it is covered.


To contact our office for authorization or for additional details, call Chrysler at (877) 854-3916.


Once you have received authorization, you should submit your claim for reimbursement for the repair or service to Chrysler within 90 days of the service date. Claims received by our office beyond 90 days are not reimbursable.

What should be included in my reimbursement request?
How do I request reimbursement for a rental vehicle?
How do I request reimbursement for a roadside assistance claim?
How do I request reimbursement for a tire repair or replacement claim?
Do I have to keep records? Even for routine service like an oil change or coolant change?
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